Tuesday, 29 July 2008

More vegetables again!!

Wow - I cant believe I am getting so excited over vegetables but I am - we are going away for five days tomorrow and I hope it rains for them, else our hard work might be dead by the time we get back.

Sorry for the dodgy evening pics but I wanted to share these now

Our peppers have flowers on them
Our Asparagus pea have funny toblerone-ish pods

We have our first tiny tiny tomato
Our other fiery radish is doing cool
And for anyone else who like me has no idea about how sweetcorns grow I have a revelation. What you saw a few days ago peeking out of leaves is now this cool hairstyle AND...
... further down the plant where honestly there was nothing yesterday is now this!! A sweetcorn. And theres others coming on the plant - gosh its so exciting, I really hope they survive out holiday

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Deborah said...

I get excited every time I go out in my garden and see the growth!