Friday, 8 August 2008

Back from holiday

I forgot to say that we were going on holiday for a week and although I took my computer with me to our "holiday" at my parents house I didnt really use it much.

(Edit: my sister complained I didnt say what a good time I had with her on our holiday so here goes....We had a great time with my sister at my parents house when they were away. So much that we might go back again next week.)

Heres a card I've made since I got back though. I quite like this one although it took a lot of steps to make it, and its not the best photo but I cant be bothered to take another one.


jelly-peaches said...

gee, dont comment about how much fun you had n how good it was to see me :P lol hope ur ok xxx

Kathy said...

Lovely card - the colours look great.

You asked about the templates for my recent cards - they are from Crafty Templates

They come out every month and you need to subscribe to Crafty Templates to receive them, all the info is on the loink above.