Sunday, 20 July 2008

More of our vegetables

It seems our vegetabes are growing overnight - I am sure they are always bigger in the morning. Well some of them anyway - the sweetcorn are growing massive and are taller than out bin now but no sign of actual sweetcorn yet - the weather seems to be stalling others but I hope they will be ok

Heres the mexican gherkin plodding along - the seed pods arent getting much bigger but we are getting more of them.
Oh and then our beautiful rose from our wedding - it has lovely flowers but it keeps getting bashed by the wind and they fall off.

This little guy wins a prize for persistence - one of the tomatoes which i didnt pot up weeks ago but couldnt bear to throw away - he has now earned the right for a bigger pot
And the rats tail radish - we have two and I cant decide whether to eat the radish root or wait for the supposedly edible seed pods
And also coming along nicely our squash plant - I cant wait to see these actually flowert

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