Friday, 11 July 2008


Heres some cards I've been doing recently which I can post now without spoiling any surprises.

Heres a card I made for a customer the other day - Im proud of this one. Its simple but stylish and was made of request or a wedding the following day whilst the customer did their shopping for an hour. She chose the blank card and then specified hearts and the wording. The rest was up to me.
I've also got new fairy papers recently which I've been playing with.

This was a Congratulations card to my sister for passing her driving test. I LOVE the large button wheels on this one, I sewed them on so they could be taken off and used if wanted.

Same sister but different fairies for getting 3As and getting into the uni she wanted. Its a tissue paper background with cut out stars and fairies.

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jelly-peaches said...

that wedding one is gorgeous :) mine are pretty cool too xxxx