Friday, 4 July 2008


Heres the highlights of our vegetables so far - althought they are having problems with the weather here, its really wierd and changeable. Sometimes too cold for some plants to be outside, and sometimes so hot they burn if you forget to open the greenhouse. So it will be interesting to see what we get in the end. Hopefully some of the wierd and wonderful ones will turn out good. We are just getting buds and flowers on some of them now as well as on the tomatoes.

Top left: Mexican gherkin

Top right Asparagus pea

Middle right: Tomatoes, either Tigerella or Tomatillo

Bottom left: Sweetcorn

Bottom middle: Rats tail Radish

Bottom right: Pepper

We also have more of the same plants along with some squash as well.

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jelly-peaches said...

WEIRD-you spelt it wrong :) i made a t-shirt today, from a dress :)i can sew *nods*