Friday, 11 July 2008

Banana bread for breadmakers

This isnt a new recipe but I've made some alterations recently and I've not shared it before.

I wanted a banana bread recipe but one that was a bread and not a cake, like banana bread normally is. So I adapted this from a white pumpkin bread and I make it in my Panasonic breadmaker althought I am sure if you wanted to get messy hands you could make it by hand - I cold try it?

Its a little bagel like in texture and makes really good toast - personally I like it with honey and peanut butter or jam and peanut butter but thats just me. And you get a great taste with the brown and wholemeal goodness as well as fruit and protein - if you add the sunflower seeds which give it a nutty taste. It freezes well and toastes from frozen.

300g bananas mashed (About 3 bananas)
2 tsp dried yeast
300g strong white flour (OR 200g strong white and 100g strong wholemeal)
200g strong brown flour
2 tsp salt
60 ml lukewarm water
100 ml milk

1 tbsp honey
50g sunflower seeds (these are a new addition and make it amazing)

-Add yeast to water for 5 minutes
-Now add all the ingrdients except the sunflower seeds to the breadmaker. Try and leave an area of flour free from bananas and milk and add the yeast mixture to this section - mix the yeast with some of the flour until it makes a paste - this will 'sponge' in the rest part of the breadmaker program, but I wouldnt worry if you dont manage to do this.
-If you have a breadmaker with a separate section for putting raisins etc then add the sunflower seeds to this and they will be added to the mix part way through.
-The setting I use is a large wholemeal 'raisin bake' loaf - this takes 5 hours.

Let me know if you try it

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jelly-peaches said...

i take it banana bread is on the menu then? :) my belly is gurgling in anticipation.....