Friday, 15 August 2008

Art journal and lanyards

Heres my latest art journal page which I finally managed to get done about 6pm yesterday so just in time for the Friday deadline on Craftster - yesterday being being Friday.

The theme was Connections - I used a lot of recycled stuff, envelope, magazines, brown paper envelope, postcards for pictures and cut up to make the mini-cards inside the envelope.

This is the mini postcards inside the envelope. The white one is from a recycled card and the others are from magazines. The small writing says "What could better explain the relationship betwen nature, human life and the planet, then pressing a seed into the ground and a shoot emerging - crying out to be looked after - and then giving up a tasty, fresh vegetable."

And heres my latest kindof jewellery. I've been working on some lanyards to hold ID badges and this is the prettiest one I think.

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