Friday, 9 July 2010


"God designed the family to be the stabilizing structure in our culture in which to build those vital relationships and also to teach the art of true intimacy. In the context of family, children learn how to be themselves, how to live peacefully with others, how to give and receive affection, how to care for each other. They develop both the personal security and the relational skills that are necessary to attach themselves to another person, as well as the wisdom to choose healthy attachments over unhealthy ones. When children have a safe haven -- a place to be protected from the storms of life; a place to be emotionally, mentally, and spiritually encouraged; a place where they enjoy the time and attention from the important people in their lives -- and time in which to mature, then they will have a good opportunity to become emotionally healthy and flourishing human beings."
-p. 122, The Mission of Motherhood

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