Wednesday, 15 April 2009


So here I am continuing to bumble through life - Im not sure if this is the best way to go or if a more concrete plan would be better?

I'm still making some jewelery but have also got a part time job at our local co-op. And Im going to do some volunteering at a local school to help me decide about maybe teaching? I have NO idea what I want to do really. Does that mean i will be happy doing anything? Or never happy?

David has his job until next september and then may candidate although not straight away if i am doing training too. If he doesnt candidate we dont know what he will do.

We may buy a house is the court case goes ahead in the summer. Or we may rent.

Should I be more ambitious? Be making more plans for the future? Thinking about being more financially stable and waiting for the perfect time to have kids? Or is a little bit of future planning, and a lot of living in the present and enjoying it ok?


Kathy said...

Well hun, I used to teach and I loved it. Then things in schools got so complicted and regimented that the joy went.
I think doing some voluntary work in school is a great idea, you should really get some insight into how schools work - and into whether its right for you.

Smileygem said...

Thanks Kathy