Thursday, 25 September 2008


What I really love about the blogs I read is how chatty and friendly they are. I love learning about other peoples lives and seeing all the things they have cooked or made. So why when it comes to me do I seem to keep forgetting to blog because nothing has happened!!!
When in reality I have
- made some lanyards
- possibly got someone to share my workshop with (must ring her again)
- started doing kids club again with my husband
- got a real block on doing silversmithing at the moment for some reason (must do some next week)
- my tomatoes are being got by the cold as they ripen so the nice green ones are in the freezer now to make chutney later, as are the tomatillos
- my sweetcorn are still not readybut are hopefully protected from the cold.
- my mexican gherkins are ready to pickle but I have no jars
- one of my peppers has turned a beautiful bright orange in a matter of days!
- I made some lemon nutmeg scones off someones blog - temporarily forgotton whose
- I also made some honey scotch pancakes with my special honey to help my poor husband with his infected impacted wisdom tooth.
- we made beautiful chicken valentines with pea and potato mash for tea yesterday

And I think nothing has happened!!!!!

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Loopy Lou said...

mmm sounds yummy :) ive done lots!! im very very tired tho :P